Free Book Fair Billing Software

Logic Soft offers a free Single User Windows based Book Fair Billing Software. The participants of any Book Fair can use this software for billing and for extracting various analytical reports and to carry out cash tally at the end of the day. The software can be installed on multiple computers.

The software will work on any PC compatibles (Pentium IV and upwards) with minimum of 1 GB RAM, 10 GB free Hard disk space, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS, Barcode Scanner (Optional) and the Operating System Windows XP or Windows 7. The Book Fair Software comes along with an User Manual and is easy to install and operate.



Interested Organizations can please send email to with the following details:

  • Organization Name & Address
  • Email Address (the software will be emailed to this address)
  • Participating Book Fair Name
  • Book Fair Duration
  • Contact Person Name and Contact Phone Number.


  • Titles can be created / edited manually
  • Create system users and allocate rights
  • Possible to handle VAT items
  • Titles can be auto imported into the system from predefined excel file
  • Titles can be classified as per the subject of the title
  • Maintain Credit Customers
  • Fast Cash / Credit Card / Credit billing
  • Bill can be printed on 40 Column printers or on Laser Printer
  • Terminal number will be prefixed to the bill number to make it unique.
  • Walk-in Customer name and Notes can be added to a sales bill
  • Other charges (like courier, postal charges etc.) can be added to a sales bill
  • Bill round off applied automatically based on the user configuration
  • Capture Credit Card Name / Number / Expiry date details (manually entered) in case of Credit Card Bills
  • Displays the Bill Net amount in Bold and the amount to be tendered back.
  • Single Payment Mode for a bill
  • Predefined discount applied to each item in the bill
  • Selling price & Discount can be modified if the user has rights.
  • Barcode Scanning possible
  • Bill Hold / Recall Possible
  • GOC rates can be maintained and the same applied at the time of sale
  • Bill print can be on a 40 column thermal or Dot Matrix printer or on a half A4 size paper on laser printer
  • VAT item sales possible. It is assumed that the Selling Price of the item includes the VAT payable amount.
  • Mandatory to Associate Terminal # to Billing Systems. Care should be taken to ensure that the same terminal # is not associated to multiple billing nodes.
  • Cash Refund allowed
  • Item Exchange in the bill possible
  • Authorized users can cancel Sales Bills
  • Advanced Title Search Integrated
  • Can bill Items not in Database also
  • Payment modes can be defined by user
  • Sales bill reprint possible
  • Sales Register can be viewed on the screen / exported to excel
  • Collection Summary can be viewed on the screen for any given user
  • A very innovative Pivot report to analyze the title sales by various parameters and to export the same to excel available. This can be used for terminal wise item sales reporting, generating best sellers, Publisher wise sales, Subject wise sales etc.
  • Bill value wise sales – view and export to excel
  • Item Discount Report
  • Date wise sales summary with cash & card collection details with the number of bills raised
  • VAT Sales Report Generation