Android Engineer

Job Description

Logic Soft is the preferred company of choice for people in the Book Trade. With 30+ years of experience, we have been at the very helm of the trade working along with the leaders side by side. This is only possible with extreme passion and dedication to the cause. It is clear that the next wave of development is the mobile platform – and that's where we are heading to as well. We're looking to enrich our desktop offering with multiple small mobile applications that will allow our customers to get data right from the macro level to the micro level.

Given that Android is the most adopted platform at this time, we want to start there. We're looking for Android engineers who can share our passion and help broaden our offering to the Android platform. Your job will initially involve writing POCs to understand what we can offer and further down you'll be responsible for setting down a framework on which future applications can be built.


  • At least 2 years of experience in writing code
  • Must have 1-2 years of experience in writing code for the Android platform covering the following concepts:
    • Designing clean and usable UIs
    • Understand User Experience and how to model it with the given data
    • Interact with a backend server
    • Understand that security and performance are features and not good-to-haves
    • Experience with Material design is a plus
  • Enthusiastic and self motivated to solve problems
  • Deliverables will be hazy and undefined. Focus and a commitment to delivery is key
  • Knowledge of a backend language (C# / Node.js / Python / etc) is a plus
  • Knowledge of SQLServer is a plus

Job Perks

  • We are a small organization where you will have a very real chance of influencing the direction of the company.
  • Work on the first generation of mobile applications that will come out of Logic Soft and be responsible for setting down the groundwork for all future development
  • Work in a tight loop with the customers allowing you to move fast and learn quickly
  • Very lean hierarchy
  • Competitive Salary