Warehouse Stocking

Best' for Book Trade provides features to stock goods at a warehouse and keep track of the same. Warehouses are considered purely a stock location. One or more warehouses are linked to a Branch. Goods can be transferred to and from the branch. The transfers between the warehouse and branch can be carried out through a Warehouse stock transfer document. Warehouse is like a branch without computers. The stocks at all the linked warehouses are maintained at the branch. At any point of time it is possible to see the stock levels of a given title at various warehouses. The stocks transferred from the warehouse to branch can be converted directly into a stock transfer out or a sales bill.

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  • Link Warehouse to a Branch
  • A Branch can have Multiple Warehouses Linked
  • Warehouses are considered as stocking locations
  • Transfer stock between Warehouse and Branch
  • Keep track of Title wise stock at Warehouses
  • Convert GIN to Warehouse Transfer
  • Conver a warehouse transfer to Stock Transfer or Sales Bill
  • Get list of Stock at different warehouses