Walk-in Customer Orders

A Retail Showroom often loses a lot of sale because the Title requested by the Customers is not available in stock. Over and above this, majority of the retailers do not follow a process for recording the requirements of the Customer. A Customer will certainly appreciate if effort is put forward to intimate him/her when the title required arrives at the store.

Best' for Book Trade brings in this process and helps in servicing the Customer better. If a title required by the Customer is not in the showroom, the system allows to formally record such requirements with details (Name, mobile number, email etc) of the Customer. The list of titles can then be taken and processed. As and when the Titles are received at the Showroom (either through GIN or through Stock Transfer In), and if there are any titles which match the requirement of the Customers, the system indicates the same so that the Customers can be informed of this. By properly following this process, the Customer also gets confidence that his / her inquiries are handled seriously and makes him / her go back to the Showroom for more.

Majority of the time, the Customer requests to be informed when the title arrives at Showroom. Hence this module is called as Walk-in Customer Order. Note that this cannot be treated as confirmed order.

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  • Based on the report the Customer can be intimated about availability of Title
  • When the Customer buys the Titles, mark off the corresponding Order Titles as fulfilled
  • If it is known that the Title cannot be sourced, mark it as order cancelled because it cannot be supplied
  • Generate list of Pending Order Titles
  • Record Customer Title requirements which is not in Stock
  • Record Customers Name, Mobile and Email Address for Followup
  • Generate List of Titles requested by Customer
  • When Stocks arrive System Generates Order matching titles report