Tally Bridge

Majority of the Business Organizations use a professional Accounting System to keep books of account and to arrive at the Trial Balance / Balance Sheet / P&L Account. It is important that the commercial information like Sales, Sales Returns, Payments Received, Payment Made, Debit Notes, Credit Notes etc which are generated from the front end Inventory / Sales system are accounting in the Accounting System. Posting these transactions manually on a day to day basis is tedious and might result in errors. It is preferable to extract these transactions from the Inventory / Sales system and imported into the Accounting system.

Best' for Book Trade provides this feature. Currently this is possible for the Tally accounting System. The required data can be extracted from the Best' for Book Trade and updated into the Tally accounting system.

The various data that needs to be extracted can be configured by the admin of Best' for Book Trade.

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  • Create link between Best' for Book Trade and Tally
  • Configure what data needs to be exported to Tally Accounting System
  • Configure whether data to be exported Transaction wise or Consolidated
  • Cash sales can be exported only in Consolidated mode date wise
  • Data export is always Date wise
  • System ensures that Duplicate imports are ignored
  • Provision to Extract Data for any day for import into Tally Accounting
  • The data exported has to be imported into Tally Accounting.
  • Any data errors while importing will be listed out and data without errors will be successfully imported