Stock Transfer

Best' for Book Trade handles the stocks transferred between branches. The stocks are transferred to the branch at the actual cost. There is no need for the Stock Transfers to be entered manually at the destination. All related information are replicated at the destination branch. Even new titles in the stock transfer are automatically created at the destination branch.

This feature knocks off the pending stock requests at the transfer branch and at the destination branch. This helps in maintaining the list of stock requests pending.

During stock transfer the age of the title is not lost. The entire purchase information is transferred to the destination branch and hence all purchase information's are available at the destination branch also.

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  • Stock can be transferred between branches
  • Same stock transfer document cannot be replicated more than once
  • Can convert a Stock Transfer In to Sales Bill (customer order settlement)
  • Stock transferred at actual cost
  • Auto knock off of Stock Requests at Source and Destination branch
  • Retains Supplier, purchase rate and other critical information at destination branch
  • Stock transfers are replicated at the destination branch
  • Can import the list of titles to be transferred from an excel sheet
  • Can Convert a GIN (in part or full) to Stock Transfer Out