Best' for Book Trade's sales module is very versatile and easy to use. The stocks are debited either FIFO / LIFO method and this can be setup by the user. The method by which the bill is to be rounded off also can be setup by the user.

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  • Can convert a Quotation to Bill
  • Can import the titles from an excel and make a bill
  • Customer Discount structure picked up automatically
  • Sales Rate / Discount / Conversion rate can be modified by user based on his rights
  • Captures and highlights Exceptions (like Sell Price < Cost Price)
  • Can modify discount of all / selected tiles in a single go
  • Bill once made cannot be modified but can be cancelled on the same day by an authorized user
  • No need to remember the sales bill number for the title being returned by the customer. The system gives the list of bills against which the title was sold. This makes sales return simple and fool proof
  • Non-Inventory Credit / Debit Notes (wrong pricing, wrong discount, overriding discount, turnover discount etc) can be raised and linked to sales bills. These get integrated with the accounts receivable module
  • Can convert the stocks received from a branch to a bill
  • Can have multiple bill series (ex : Cash Bill, Credit Bill, Export Bill etc)
  • Customer Credit Limits checked online
  • Flag whether title is returnable or not with reason
  • Handle Sales Return and raise credit notes on customers
  • Credit notes raised gets integrated with the accounts receivable module
  • Can print Invoice on Laser Printer or Dot Matrix Printer
  • Can Add additional charges (like Handling charges, Freight etc) to the bill
  • Stocks of titles used in the bill which is in progress are automatically moved into a reserved category and hence will be reduced from the available stock
  • Cash Refund possible
  • Stops users from accepting non-returnable titles as a part of sales return
  • Innovative methods by which sales can be analyzed and compared with the previous period
  • Can raise invoice as part of approval settlement
  • Generate Shipment Address Labels
  • Can convert the Goods Received from Supplier to a bill
  • Cash billing possible (Cash, Credit Card etc)
  • Conversion rates are picked up from the pre-defined conversion table
  • Maintains Audit log of rate modifications
  • Can bill against Customer Orders
  • Bill Round off applied automatically
  • Can capture multiple customer discount structure with priority
  • Attach a Salesman to an Invoice & Generate salesman wise reports
  • Maintain the shipment information of goods in an Invoice