Best' for Book Trade's Purchase module handles all activities involved in receiving stocks from the supplier. Stocks can be received against PO placed earlier or can be received without PO reference. The Goods Inwards (GIN) and the Purchase Invoice (PIN) are the two documents related to this module. GIN is linked to inventory and PIN is linked to accounting. It is possible for enter Goods receipt first and then enter the PIN details as and when it is received. Possible to link single GIN to single PIN / single GIN to multiple PIN / multiple GIN to single PIN.

If the full cycle of customer ordering and purchase ordering is followed, the user does not have the difficulty in finding out for whom the stocks are received. Once the GIN is entered, the system automatically allows the user to convert the stock to sales bills (based on customer orders) and / or convert to stock transfer out to branch (based on stock request). This makes life easier for the users and foolproof for the organization.

GIN Analysis holds the key to analyzing the stocks received from a supplier. At any point of time it is possible to analyze the movement of the titles within a GIN or the GIN's from various suppliers. This will indicate to you the % of purchase in stock and % sold along with host of other information which helps in taking critical decisions. The GIN analysis also considers stocks that have been transferred & sold at various branches.

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  • Contains GIN (Goods Inwards) and PIN (Purchase Invoice) sub modules
  • Goods can be received against Regular Purchase / Approval Purchase / Complimentary
  • Allocate GIN items to customer orders (in case of GIN received is less than ordered)
  • Can flag whether the title is returnable (to supplier) or not and if returnable the date by which it can be returned can be entered
  • Foreign purchases are converted to local currency based on the existing import conversion rates (bank rates)
  • Once the GIN is entered it is possible to Auto / Manual convert to Sales bill / Stock Transfer out
  • When PIN linked to GIN stocks are converted as paid stocks
  • PIN Verify indicates the excess / shortage received and also indicates discrepancy in price / discount between GIN and PIN.
  • GIN handles stock transaction and PIN handles accounting transactions related to goods received
  • Import PO titles (in full or part) into the GIN
  • Rates and discounts picked up from the PO if PO referred. Else the latest rate and discounts are picked up and user can modify the same
  • Good quality stock and damaged quality stock can be specified separately with reason for damage
  • Report to find out GIN received PIN not received and vice versa
  • GIN Amendment possible
  • Maintains history of purchase of a title
  • PIN Verify can trigger auto GIN amendment
  • Exception handling
  • Possible to freeze purchases from a supplier
  • Possible to receive GIN first and PIN at a later date
  • Auto identification of PO when the title is entered
  • Document quantity and physically received qty can be entered. Discrepancy report generated in case of short / excess received
  • Margin % can be checked at the time of entering each GIN item
  • Possible to find out the GIN's against which the title was purchased at any point of time
  • GIN can be converted to PIN. PIN can also be entered manually and linked to GIN
  • PIN Verify can trigger auto Debit Note on Supplier for shortage or wrong prices
  • Generate report on stock to be returned to a supplier before due date of return specified by supplier
  • Local foreign currency purchases are converted to local currency based on the predefined conversion rate table (in India GOC rate table)