Purchase Order

Best' for Book Trade's Purchase Order module is a complete module for placing orders on suppliers for supply of titles for stock requirement / for branch requirement / towards customer orders recorded. Purchase Orders are integrated with the Inventory, Customer Orders, Branch Requests and Purchases. Purchase orders can be generated based on Best Sellers / Reorder Level / Re order Qty and can be filtered based on the title attributes and Hierarchy.

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  • Full integration with Inventory, Customer Order, Branch Requests and Purchases
  • Auto Generate PO worksheet based on Stock Requests received
  • PO can be prepared on behalf of a branch and sent to supplier. If the Goods are to be received at the branch, the PO can be replicated to the branch and tracked there
  • Merchandisers can analyze the sales and stock pattern at branches and raise PO for different branches at the same time.
  • Specify bill to and ship to while preparing Purchase order
  • Place orders for stock and against Branch request / Customer Order
  • Update order status received from supplier. This status can be made to auto trigger a reply to the customer (if the order was against a customer order)
  • Possible to place order for a title without mentioning the Purchase Price / Discount
  • Generate PO Remainders for overdue PO's
  • Auto Generate PO worksheet based on Customer Orders recorded
  • For a given title, the system automatically indicates the pending branch requests / customer order for the title. User can modify the suggested qty
  • An Order status can auto trigger cancellation of a PO
  • Possible to cancel a full PO or a item within a PO
  • Partial settlement of PO allowed