Best' For Book Trade

Best' (Best implies Business Edge SoluTions) solutions are specific to the trade/business. At Logic Soft, our endeavor has always been to improvise to meet the exacting needs and/or requirements that are trade specific. This is because each business works on micro level specifics and variants that are virtually impossible to generalize or dispense with. In today's world the key to business growth & success is automation. And the key to automation is software that is dependable, comprehensive and pro-active. At Logic Soft, the belief is firm that automation means only one thing -- Business edge.

Single Branch

Single Branch Organizations can very effectively use the power of Best' for Book Trade. Here the software can either be configured as a Single User or Multi User for the ease and requirements by the company

Multi Branch

Best' for Book Trade Software gives absolute control for Organizations having multiple branches spread across various cities in the Country. The Business Controllers at Head Office can have access to all branch data at their finger tips without having to connect to Branch systems.



  • Friendly Graphical User Interface
  • Fast and efficient Title Search
  • Stock debiting can be configured by user
    (FIFO / LIFO)
  • Barcode enabled
  • Micro Profitability Analysis
  • Secure remote access over the internet
  • Complete data available for analysis
  • Automated Transactions
  • Authorized Users access
  • Date control prevents malpractice
  • Single and multi user versions
  • Multiple selling price for the same product
  • Stock valuation on actual cost
  • Drill down view at all levels
  • Integrated Pivot Reporting
  • Handle non-book items
  • Excel data import
  • Uniform user input screens across transactions
  • Purchase history of a title available at all times