A good Inventory management starts from the accuracy with which the title details are created and maintained. Best' for Book Trade software provides a features by which the title can be maintained at a single centralized branch and replicated to various other branches. This ensures that title is uniform across branches and there is no duplication of cost incurred on manpower for maintaining the title.

The system allows titles to be grouped and analyzed at varying levels. The information of stocks in other branches is available at all times and this helps in finding excess stocks of titles at a branch and transferring of the stocks to other branches where the sales are high.



  • All Critical details of Title accepted and Maintained
  • Centralized creation of Title and its attributes possible
  • User definable Title attributes
  • Titles without ISBN can be created
  • Define Title Hierarchy (classify titles like in a family tree)
  • Define Core Levels of Titles, Re-Order Level, Re-Order Qty & generate Reports
  • Title cover and back page image capture along with Title Blurb
  • Title can be tracked by any of the title attributes including any part of the title itself
  • Audit trials for critical title data maintained
  • Integrated Stock Verification system to improve inventory control
  • Maintain Good and Damaged Stock
  • Drill down help to find all details of title (purchase, sales, etc)
  • Generate barcodes
  • Inventory value reports can be extracted by Hierarchy, Attribute, Title etc
  • Stock Inventory at multiple warehouses
  • Import new titles from predefined excel format
  • Stock Analysis by Hierarchy, Supplier, Publisher, author, title, purchase year, purchase currency, multiple aging slabs,.
  • Title Current stock with In-progress qty / on approval qty / purchase order qty / stock request qty / damaged qty / Reserved Qty / Branch stocks information available at all times.
  • Reserve Stocks