Exhibition / Book Fair

Book Exhibition / Book Fairs are a part of the Business. A Branch can participate in one or more Book Fairs in a Calender / Financial Year. Book Fair Sales are as important as the Branch Sales. It is critical to keep track of the sales and stock at the Book Fair. The billing process at the Book Fair should be simple, fast and reliable to handle the crowd. Knowing stock available at any given point of time at the Book Fair helps in giving reliable support to Customers. Book Fairs are like temporary Showrooms. The Organization has to get control of the day to day collections and also replenish the stocks of fast selling titles. If the Stall at the Book Fair is big then it is mandatory that the billing is done from multiple terminals. It is equally important to carry out a stock taking at the end of the fair to find out the stock discrepancies and do necessary stock adjustments. The system should provide easy method by which the balance stocks can be brought back to the controlling branch and the sales at the Book Fair should be replicated on the system at Controlling Branch for stock control and future analysis.

Best' for Book Trade handles all this and more.

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  • Book Fairs are attached to a Branch
  • Can have Multiple Book Fairs at the Same Time
  • Possible to Define Book Fair Duration
  • Single & Multi Terminal Configuration support on Book Fair System
  • Transfer Stocks to Book Fair from Controlling Branch. Transfers can be Multiple & at anytime during the fair
  • Transfers updated on the Fair System Automatically
  • Possible to send stocks back from Fair to Controlling Branch
  • All POS Operations available at the Book Fair
  • Retail POS Billing Enabled at Book Fair for Fast Billing
  • Can raise Credit Bills also at the Book Fair
  • Online Stock Control
  • Collection Summary for Cash Tallying
  • Pivot Based Sales Analysis
  • Carry out Stock Taking at the End of Book Fair
  • Replicate Stock and Sales Data back to Controlling Branch