Customer Order

Best' for Book Trade's Customer Order System is extremely functional and captures all original details of the order. Purchase Order worksheet is generated by system based on the Customer Orders registered. Once the Customer Order entry is completed, the system brings up the titles available in stock and allows the user to raise invoice for those titles. At the time of recording a title order, it is possible for the user to tag an order status. Order acknowledgement generated by the system and Auto Emailed. If Purchase Order is raised referring to the Customer Order or Branch Stock Request, the system automatically generates Sales Bill / Stock Transfer. Order fulfilment Email can be sent automatically from the system.

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  • Record all details of Customer Order
  • Discounts picked up automatically based on the predefined customer discounts
  • Possible to record title order without mentioning selling price
  • An order status association can auto trigger cancellation of title order
  • Convert customer order to branch stock request
  • Inform customer of the current status of the order
  • Auto Generate Order Status report to customer based on status of order sent by supplier and publisher
  • Record Bill To / Ship To / Packing Instructions
  • Selling Price auto picked from Title
  • Can specify Order Status at the time of recording the order for a title. ( Eg: Title Available ex stock, will send invoice, Title Out of Stock order Cancelled, Title Out of Stock will procure and deliver in 30 days)
  • Cancel full order or an item within the order
  • Auto generate Purchase order worksheet based on recorded customer orders
  • At the time of recording a title order, the user can view the stock status (qty in stock, qty on order, qty on approval)
  • Modifications subject to user rights
  • Can associate order status for each title
  • In case of foreign currency selling price, the conversion rate is picked up from the predefined conversion rate table (in India GOC rate table)
  • Update customer order status based on supply status
  • Find pending orders title wise, customer wise, order wise
  • Partial settlement of orders allowed
  • Record whether the title can be returned by the customer or not. If non-returnable, record the reason