Customer Loyalty Program

Retailers have a challenge to retain the walk-in customers and to make them re-visit the showroom often for buying. One such method is the Customer Loyalty Program (CLP). The CLP Member can accumulate points when they purchase from a showroom. These points then can be redeemed against future purchases. Customers get attracted to this only if the process is simple and fool proof.

Retailers who have more than one showroom (within same city / anywhere in the country) have a much more difficult task on hand. The members can visit any showroom for purchases. The points has to be consolidated and the points redeemed has to be updated in near real time to all the showrooms.

CLP members might request for the point ledger for verification purposes and the system should be able to generate the same at any time.

Best' for Book Trade caters to these needs of the Retailers. Customers Mobile Number is used for the purpose of identification. The New Customer Registration / Customer Buying details / Point Allocation / Point Redemption etc are maintained on the Central CLP System. The new member details are replicated across to the other showrooms automatically and the current member point balance also gets replicated automatically. The System generates OTP (One Time Password) at the time of point redemption. This OTP is sent across to the CLP members Mobile as a Text Message. Only on production of the OTP can the member redeem the points.

Best' for Book Trade stores the complete history of the purchases made by the member. This will help the organization is understanding the buying pattern and decide on the offers to the member. The system also sends Auto Text Messages wishing the member on his / her Birthday / Wedding Anniversary.

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  • A Customer can become a Member at any Showroom
  • His / Her Mobile Number is used as Unique Identifer
  • Central CLP system consolidates all Member Information
  • Number of Points allocated can be decided based on the category of Item
  • Points are auto calculated by the system and hence is accurate
  • Members can buy at any showroom in the chain across country
  • Members can inquire on Point Balance at any Showroom
  • Members can Redeem points at the point of checkout
  • OTP (One Time Password) is sent across to the members Mobile at the time of point redemption
  • Member point balances are auto replicated to other showrooms in near real time
  • Members points earned / redeemed details can be sent as Text Message immediately
  • Members buying pattern can be analyzed
  • Text Messages can be auto sent to members on Birthdays / Wedding Anniversay day
  • Loyalty Sales vs. Redemption analysis reports