Branch Indents

Best' for Book Trade helps in documenting and tracking the stock requests of a branch. Branch Indents are similar to Purchase Orders except that the request (order) is on the branch and not on the supplier. The Source Branch raises a Branch Indent when it requires stock of one or more titles from another branch where the stock is in excess.

Indents are raised requesting stock from another branch. The request for a title can be raised against a customer order registered or for stock.

Indents get replicated at the destination branch. An indent can be fully or partially cancelled. Indents gets knocked off when a stock is transferred or when a stock transfer in is received.

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  • Send Formal Stock Request to Branches
  • Check for Availability of Stock at other Branch before raising Indent
  • Source & Destination Branch can Keep track of Indents pending
  • Indent Title request can be for stock or for fulfilling Customer Order. Can refer customer order in the Indent Item.
  • Indents are replicated to Destination Branches Autmatically
  • Source or Destination Branch can Cancel an Indent
  • Cancellations get replicated at other Branch Automatically
  • Stock Transfers auto knockoff Indent Titles at Source & at Destination Branch