Software for the Book Trade

When it comes to making software for the Book Trade (Publishing, Distribution and Retail), Logic Soft Pvt. Ltd. has stood the test of time. Operating since 1986, we have accumulated over 300 man-years of dedicated experience, and today, we probably understand the nuances of Book Trade as much as an experienced person from the trade does; if not better.




Having been around since the late '80s, we have got an opportunity to watch the trade grow into what it is. This puts us at over 300 man years of experience in this one field -- giving us the edge that brings to us, our many distinguished clients.



A unique distinction Logic Soft enjoys in the industry is its long standing & durable relationship with its clients, which is quiet uncommon in the rapidly changing and / or evolving Information Technology Industry.



Another significant achievement of Logic Soft is its ability to constantly keep its solutions in line with the emerging business trends, especially in the Book Trade which is a highly evolved one.

Our Claims

If you are planning to review your distribution, inventory, returns, business intelligence, title management or any other book related transactions you should consider Logic Soft's software since it will almost certainly save you a lot of time, money and effort. We know that our software solution, Best' for Book Trade, is an industrial-strength software solution in India that is developed specifically for the unique needs of the Book Publishers, Distributors and Retailers in India. We also claim that the software is a proven solution in India that covers the entire distribution process, title management, returns, royalties, business intelligence, financial reporting, integration etc. We understand that the claims made by us are big. We also know that if these claims are real and if you are thinking of automating your process or thinking for replacing your existing software, you owe it to your company to at least look at the Logic Soft's Best' for Book Trade software.

We are confident and we can back the above claims because :
  • Many of the big National & International Publishers located in India already use Best' for Book Trade software nation wide
  • Best' for Book Trade Software is designed specifically for Book Publishers / Distributors / Retailers
  • Best' for Book Trade Software provides a complete end to end solution for Distributors and Retailers, replacing several systems with one integrated system
  • We have been working with Publishers / Distributors / Retailers for over 30 years, so we understand your terminology, your unique requirements and your varying needs

Because we understand your industry and because Best' for Book Trade already meets most of your requirements, it represents not only the most economical solution but also the one with the least amount of disruption and the least / no risk!


Many National and International brands rely on Logic Soft's software and expertise to run their day to day operations.